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Canton, OH 44708

About the Canton Preservation Society

In 1977, responding to an increasing need to protect those architectural and historical treasures which make the Canton, Ohio area unique, a group of concerned citizens formed a non-profit corporation, the Canton Preservation Society. CPS is dedicated to preserving significant buildings and to educating the community about the benefits of historic preservation.

To achieve these goals, the Canton Preservation Society:

  • publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Preservationist, to keep CPS members fully informed about preservation issues;
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  • sponsors hands-on workshops and educational seminars about historic preservation and restoration techniques and materials

  • rescues important architectural artifacts for eventual reuse through our Salvage Program;

  • catalogues local structures, sites and districts using the Ohio Historic Inventory, and photographically documents buildings which cannot be preserved;

  • assists property owners with nominations for the National Register of Historic Places;

  • operates the Preservation Resource Library at the Hartung House to provide assistance and reference materials on preservation and restoration;

  • acts as a liaison between our community and the Ohio Historic Preservation Society and the National Trust for Historic Preservation

In addition to our daily, on-going activities above, we are most proud of these achievements:

  • Instrumental in developing a Revolving Loan Fund in partnership with the City of Canton.

  • We purchased all the land and buildings on the east side of the 200 block of Market Avenue North for the eventual complete donation to the Millennium Centre development. When this project was initially threatened during the planning stages, CPS and the Chamber of Commerce contributed $125,000.00 each to the project. Then when the project was threatened a second time with cost overruns, CPS loaned the developer another $120,000.00 to be repaid over a term of ten years.

  • We purchased the three buildings on the west side of that same street to stop their continued decay and then sold them to local preservationist and developer Steve Coon for their rehabilitation.

  • We saved the 100-year-old Hartung Mansion from the wrecking ball and relocated it within a three-month period. We are presently in the process of restoring the home for our home, resource library and public use.


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